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Located in Hampshire U.K., Mirai Technologies specialise in technically superior optical products and in particular CD products for the home user market.

Mirai solutions are characterised by their ease of use and installation. Kits contain all the necessary components to make a quick and easy PC upgrade.

In addition to our standard hot-line technical support, Mirai offer a Collect and Replace warranty scheme on all retail boxed faulty products.

Mirai Unveils Its fastest Drive ever!

Mirai has launched its fastest CD-Rewriter to date. The new CRD BP1600P-M is capable of an amazing 32X speed write, 10X rewrite and 40X (max) read performance. This latest drive, unlike many of its competitors, also features a huge 4Mb cache buffer. As with all previous generations of Mirai CD-Rewriters, the new BP1600 features SANYO's patented BURN-Proof technology that enables a perfect burn FIRST time, every time!

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Coming soon...

Even faster performance will soon be available from Mirai with the announcement that the new BP1700P-M will be available from April 2002. The new drive will offer an unmatched performance of 40X 12X 48X coupled with a 4Mb cache buffer and of course BURN-Proof reliability.

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What is BURN-Proof and how does it work?
BURN-Proof technology was invented by SANYO. It has been much imitated by other manufactuers, so how does this technology work and how does it affect CD creation?

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Nero Burning Software

Every MIRAI retail kit contains a copy of Ahead Software's award-winning NERO CD recording software. Quick and user-friendly, this software allows you to make the most from your MIRAI Rewriter.

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